Spring seems like it has come and gone in NYC ! 70 degrees, then 20s/30s the next.As I write this, the temp was 20 degrees this morning, now about 35. Cray, cray.

While I’m still enjoying the seasons – I’m ready for some warm weather. The largest difference between California and New York – putting away those set of clothes for one season.

California, you can just wear everything year round. Ok, well, pretty close to that – and mainly in San Francisco. This year may have been monsoon months in SF – and trust me, I don’t miss that. Snow and 30s, I’ll take over that wind and damp rain in SF.

My website 1/2 got up and running. Does the trick, right? Well, I’m starting to brainstorm some new and exciting stuff. Hoping to get on them soon. I’ve been starting to do some meetings w/ prospective business partners, and hoping cool stuff comes from that. But, those partnerships and opportunites, take some time…

Until then, enjoy my IG (www.instagram.com/Lphotography99). Trying to get my big cam out and about ! 😉

One of my fav’s the last couple months… Running around Central Park … took this with my iphone … getting out more with my big cam has been few and far between, but loving my iphone pics. I’ve got to say, walking around NYC is like living in a postcard or movie 24/7. It’s so beautiful, and I feel very lucky to have the chance to live it.